Thursday, June 7, 2018

Post Diary thoughts

I have been taking time off for a while, in fact a little more longer because I really need to get over some things and have a griefing process. 

It has not been easy ever I lost my baby early this year. 

My body has never been this weak before and I noticed the difference after having a baby and not having one. The scars are still there.

One loss after one loss came again and both grandmas passed away in a period of one year.

The hope of future seems so bleak. 

11 June 2018 is our second Wedding Anniversary. I am grateful to come thus far, to go thru the hardships of marriage and learn to compromise more. Sometimes, it may seem breaking down, but God always remind me again and again the promise I made. 

The joy we had. The love we had.
Thank You Amos for going through one of the darkest periods of my life. The pain remains, But I know that will make me stronger. 
Both of us are stubborn and is best if one gives and take. 

I know people around me are concern about me, my family been asking what I am doing everyday. 

I need to let u all know that is a period I need to reflect, grow, change and regain back whatever I have lost. Without this, I can't stand out better next time. 

But I know things will get better soon. Be it financially or my OCD or my life goals. I will be back soon. Just give me time to grieve and get over it. I promise real soon.

Love Darlene 

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