Thursday, June 29, 2017

US Trip Sister's wedding!

Sorry, Its been a while.. . Been six years since I went back to the states.

My elder sis got married! 💖👫
And so the preparations started more than half a year ago...
I would like to keep this post short and sweet so just the highlights of the month's trip. 

First highlight 💗 was stoping over in Japan, my favorite place on earth. Even though it was a stop over but it was a enjoying thought to know I went there and got to see the place again. Just being there makes me feel good. I don't know why...

Got to sit Japan airlines with my parents, and I realized a good thing to travel with them is I can have a shoulder to lie on when I sleep... lol
The thing about traveling with older folks is to be patient, given their walking time is already slower than mine. 

Second highlight was of course my birthday.😆 I got to spend it overseas coincidentally again this year. Maybe not meant to spend in Singapore lol. I got to be treated by My sis and her husband to a very special meal at the Korean BBQ place and it was such a satisfying dinner with my family. We got a simple cake at this Asian bakery and actually if u go there u will be amazed how much Asian food and things they have there! More than before!

Third highlight was definitely the Wedding! It was as busy as it was and as a sister I tried to help in whatever way I can. We went to the flower market and saw the flowers and changed certain things. And it's nice to be planning a wedding again. The day came and everything went by fast! Their wedding started late afternoon and it was held outside beside the ocean. I can tell u the main thing was the cold wind and all I could remember was shivering and freezing there with just a sleeveless gown. We couldn't even wear a jacket or something! I could see Rita the girl in front shaking from the cold wind and I had to endure from not laughing! Lol😂

I think in US culture is different in the way they had it outdoors and the dance. They danced their first dance to beauty & the beast and kudos for dancing all right Chie! She was all jittery about it. And everyone I think had a blast, laughing at the speeches we gave and I lost my speech in my phone as I had my phone changed. But nonetheless, glad to catch up with everyone and those I didn't see for a long long time. My sis' gown was a Disney designed gown and really suit her. 👩

Look at my unrelectant face to dance~

The Team: Bridemaids & Best men!!

Flower girl & Ring boy

Fourth highlight was going to Palm Springs mountain. It was another surreal time I had in nature and snow. As we don't experience it here in South east Asia, its nice to experience something different. 
On the way up to Las Vegas, we stopped by there and took a long cable car ride up to the top which is freaking like 30 storeys high! We walked to the forest trail and just being in nature that place makes me sane for a moment.😊 I touched the snow and even had a taste of it! lol I wished we had such places. 

Oh and I lost $20US dollars this time at the casino at casears palace. My sis said I should have played at Paris hotel where I won last time. 

Fifth highlight was yea the food. Well I cannot compare but it was special in ways that u don't get it here. The vegan burger is something I had when I was in school and I missed that. So I had to have it when I am back this time. And the Mongolian noodles in their food court was good something special that even here I don't get to eat. Their usual orange chicken and stir fry are something u should not take for granted. Their BBQ meat was also fabulous good and Mexican beans. Another one I should remember is one of the last places called tender greens we went and they served organic healthy food. So good must try! Their albacore sandwich is a must try and roasted potatoes. 😛

Sixth highlight is something I gained from the trip. In fact, I try not to tear in the airport when my sis sent us off. I saw her eyes turning red and I said I won't cry. But minutes later when she left, I was crying like a baby. While waiting in queue to go up the plane, I suddenly was filled with emotions and sadness. I don't know when I would see her again. This time was so precious, it was something I wouldn't trade for. We had our fights and big quarrels but nothing could stop us from loving each other. True blood ties never break and I realized the bond we had, the love we had and how much we want each other to be better. No matter what I love my sis as she's my real sis who helped me grow into a much better person. 
She was the one who encouraged me to go back to school again and that's why I finished my degree. She has her weaknesses so do I but we learn that although we walk different paths, we are still family. 
 I hope one day I can also be like her in some ways and we can reunite soon again. 💋

Happy Birthday Chie! I wish you good health and love in all you do. Success and Wealth in life! 💜

Memories are the best things in life, I think. -Romy Schneider

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