Thursday, October 27, 2016

Our new home

Our new home.

This blog is our recent obtainment of our own home! A 4-room HDB flat that we can call our own little home. Something we both dreamt of since we met each other. And we will be getting our keys next year hopefully by the first half! We haven't move in yet.

This process has been a long one.
It's not as easy as you think. We want something affordable and being in Singapore, government housing is the best option to start out.
We had to apply two times before we got selected and given a queue number. That took about almost a year just to get selected. Something that's a miracle as I heard ppl who applied 7 times but haven't got selected. We are lucky indeed. 
And actually our first choice was the same location except it's BTO which is just started building. But our second time was Sales of Balance which is already almost completed.
In fact, it's better we don't need to wait longer..

We had to put a 2K deposit and also choose the unit we wanted. We took a day to visit the site and decided on our block. The place is near the future Canberra MRT. And it's at ...... Sembawang. Revealed it now!

We waited weeks and months for HDB replies to sign the lease. And finally we got the message of our housing loan grant which is total of $50K! That's beyond words of how happy we are..  Because it will greatly reduce our housing loan and payments! We fulfilled the criterias that was given and each couple must not exceed a certain salary to be eligible for this grant. We were then woken up that our dream is becoming reality! 
Signing the lease means emptying our CPF accounts and it's such a sad thing. All my life long cpf will be gone and given to this house...and about $16K will be deducted once I sign it!! Arghhhh...😱
Well it's a price to pay anyway. Money can be slowly build up again. 😫

Amos, luckily is a very 'on the ball' kind of person so he checks the HDB website every night. Can you imagine that? He usually updates me on the process. 😅

My life long dream is to own my own home. 
Looking at my parents, it makes me want to even more. At least I got a roof over my head now. And do not have to worry of becoming homeless. To become a co- owner makes me have the authority to do whatever I want in my own home. To have the space and privacy I want and most of all, the peace and tranquility that I need. 
It's true having a home is the most important thing in life. We have been living apart since we married and I can't wait to start a life with him. Well baby plans will wait for a while since we spent so much on our wedding and this. 
I already am researching on renovations companies and also designs for the house. And yes a lot of work and planning will be going on next year. Hopefully some of you will be able to see our new home soon! 
God bless our new home. Amen!!🙏🏻😍