Monday, April 4, 2016

Japan's Shinkansen & Subway

Japan has a complex railway system.πŸš„πŸšˆπŸšž

We bought our JR pass in SG few months before we went Japan. Each pass cost about $150. You can get it at a Japanese JR tourism company. We got ours at Takashimaya JB tours? 
After you reached japan you need to exchange the receipt for the pass. 
We actually paid for the non-reserved but
In fact reserved was better.
Just to note, Japan Shinkansen is for long distance journey like from state to state where your JR pass could be used. But traveling around town like from Ginza to Shibuya, you need to use the subway. And the JR pass is not applicable. 
Each time you need to buy the ticket for that particular place and you can't drop off any other station in between as it would still be counted the same price. 
Usually, just look for the colored main line and transfer to the smaller lines.

The spoon cum block opening stirrer.~

 We took trains all the time wherever we go and I am surprise we didn't get lost often or Amos could know most of the directions. By checking his Google map... But he's good in directions so I am good in his company. He is a saver so he doesn't want to take taxi even though sometimes I was tired and once had a huge blister on my feet because of walking too much.~~~

The JR pass we bought in SG couldn't be use on the normal subway trains within the city. It's only for Long journey on Shinkansen aka bullet trains. So I suggest if you are not Travelling to like Hakone, Osaka or Kyoto or other provinces don't buy the JR pass. We just buy tickets at the auto ticketing machine every time and to your info, you can select to English language if you don't understand Japanese. I know Japanese but just to make sure it's right, we always select English.

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