Sunday, April 3, 2016

Japanese makeup & skincare

If you love make up, skin care and beauty. Japan is heaven for you.
Just any drug store or departmental store you go you can find brands like shiseido & kose very commonly. You will go crazy by the different brands and products they have. It's a beauty paradise there. 
That's one reason why I love Japan. It makes me excited! 


this is shiseido brand too but for older people PRIOR

                                                       Shiseido sister brand d program

The make up is so nice the colors and the texture is so smooth. Really are suitable for Asians!  I couldn't make up my mind which one to buy.. All the Japanese Brands are good in some way or other it's hard to decide. Anyway, some you can't even see it in SG and I didn't see a few before too.


In departmental stores, they have more high end and exquisite brands like Suquu, Addiction, Kesalan Patharan, Ayura, ISPA, Albion & Sofina. I bet you can't find them in Singapore or even Taiwan doesn't have these. 
In the end, I got a coral blusher from Kesalan Patharan as they discontinued this brand in SG. I used to have some of their products before and it was special. I was busy trying so many Colours and brands that I feel bad for Amos as he was sitting at the counters waiting for me. That's why if a guy loves you he will wait for u. Full stop. And pay for you.;) But not all the time la.
Addiction actually comes from the brand Nars, where the brand lady worked at Nars before she started this brand on her own.

The ever colorful & sweet Jillstuart


A three story high building with all the brands of shiseido.

Cle pe peau brand on third floor

And I got a makeup base and perfume from Ayura. They smell so good & aromatic!

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