Sunday, April 3, 2016

Japan Trip (Tokyo)

Japan Tokyo 2016

This Japan trip posts will be very long,..
This is the gorgeous view I had. 
And SQ airline food is actually good.

Most of time on my actual birthday day was spent in the plane. When we reached Tokyo was evening and after we checked into the hotel it was 8 plus by the time we go out again. We just bought two slices of cake from their shop called Almond. It's such a weird yet nice cake for a cake shop.

My Birthday!

This Japan trip will be something I will never forget. 
Our pre-honeymoon trip was before our wedding because we wanted to go during the spring season. And you should know the reason why... It's my birthday and my nickname is Haru. Smiling face with open mouth and cold sweat
This Japan trip was something I dreamt for a Long time, even though I know it will happen someday but it was a Long wait. 
If you have known me Long enough, I am a Japan fanatic since I was in secondary school to be exact when I was 16 years old. So you can imagine how Long I am loving everything about the culture to the food and products since like forever! 
It's a 6 days trip and to me it was very short as there were so many place that I wanna go.
Well, Happy birthday to me & getting old~

We just walk into a small cafe showing pasta pictures and thought of having spaghetti. 
There was a group of Japanese men having their talks and they were smoking inside the restaurant. So happened I needed to light my candle so I borrowed the lighter from them. 
And to my amusement and embarrassment, they sang me a birthday song! It's my first in Japan and people were very friendly there. So not only did Amos sang to me but them too! That's what made it special.

Their mentaiko tomato spaghetti 

Hot Takoyaki

vending machines everywhere

Ginza street

I finally visited this after seeing all the famous things, dramas about this tower. It's really huge and u can take pictures of it on the way along the street.

Tokyo Tower was really Special for me as they gave me a birthday present. They had a promotion for people with birthdays either before or after one day can redeem a dessert at any cafe and also a present. I was lucky to be there a day after my birthday which is 29th Marc and I didn't know about this promo even. So really I am indeed lucky! ;) 

The staff started wishing me happy birthday when they saw us with the birthday card and it was so nice.

Directly below the tower stands the "Foot Town" building, which houses a variety of souvenir shops, cafes, restaurants and theOne Piece Tower, an indoor park. 

We had the chocolate Mont blonc cake and it was rich and creamy. The perfect ending to the night sky view.

Looking through the glass floor

Tokyo's most famous Dog, Hachikō. This Akita dog came to Shibuya Station everyday to meet his master, a professor, returning from work. The professor died in 1925, but Hachikō kept coming to the station until his own death 10 years later.

The KFC in Japan can be describe in one word-divine.
It's juicy, soft, peppery,tasty and is the original kind I like. Luckily I suggested to eat that as I wanted to try how Japan one was. U see I am good at planning where to go and what to eat rite?? Hehehehe

Fresh and colorful flowers om the road side

Sakura trees are really quite common in Japan actually, it's not a big deal for locals. But to foreigners like me, its really a big deal. As I never really seen one in Japan before and to me it's really special. But on the streets in Japan just anywhere you can find Sakura trees lined up all around. I can Imagine if I am living there I will be thinking what's the big hype about the trees??!? But Japanese are the ones who make this tree the main focus that we kiasu people treat it like magic tree or something...Cherry blossom

The Tokyo Skytree is the tallest structure in Japan at 634 m tall.
I just wanted to go there as it was a tourist attraction. The day we went, the queue was damn long. It's the tallest tower now in Japan as it took over Tokyo Tower. Honestly I prefer Tokyo tower still, it's more authentic.

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