Sunday, April 3, 2016

Hilton Resort & Spa (Hakone, Odawara)

Odawara Hilton resort & spa was out of the way as you need to take a shuttle bus to and fro the hotel to the station. But it's worth the shot as the place is really spacious and exquisite up on the hill top. The air is so clean and fresh and our bedroom faces the ocean. Really splendid scenery. The hotel also have a nice chapel for couples to hold their weddings and if I were Japanese I would probably hold it there.. So romantic beside the ocean. But it's on renovation now.Face with cold sweat can't take a look at it.

The OCEAN VIEW from our room!

The air is so crisp and fresh, its my wish to live in such environment.^^


The hotel also have many facilities such as tennis courts, karaoke room and gym. But the only thing I would want to try is the Onsen. 

That night for dinner we had curry rice and Japanese Fish set. The wait was quite Long but when it came, we were stunned.. Did we order this? And yes it's all included in that dish. More like the complete cuisine where the steam fish had a whole plate of sashimi as a side dish? And yakitori sticks song with it. 

The steam fish

A very satisfied him!~

My first Onsen experience was there. My skin felt smoother just by soaking for 15 mins in their hot spring water. I don't know what the water contains but I think it's miracle water for skin. If only I could do this every month? So admire those people here. But i feel the water is really too hot.
Sorry but I can't take pictures inside as all the women are naked inside. And they have separate Onsen for men and women. So Amos and I went our ways to relax and meet 30 mins later outside. As usual, he was already sitting outside waiting... He said it was so good and he like the experience of bathing first while sitting on the stool and then showering again after that. 
And the most luxury thing is at Hilton resort and spa is their Onsen toiletries are all POLA brand means their shampoo, conditioner, body lotion and face lotion are all made in Japan. Wtf. Can use free only one day in Onsen. Smiling face with open mouth and cold sweat

 Breakfast fusion buffet

A children area, so thoughtful.

First time see breakfast got tradtional Jap.

Bye Hilton~ Arigato!

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