Sunday, April 3, 2016

Hakone Shrine - baby wishing tree~

Hakone Shrine

A place so surreal & peaceful.

We got the Hakone free pass which means we can travel the whole of Hakone using the pass. Either by boat, cable car or train with the pass.

We got the free pass from odawara station. Go to the tourist information place and you can ask them in English. 
We took the route that goes to Gora and then pola art museum and then the boat ride to Hakone shrine.

It is traditional to rinse your hands and mouth before praying & entering the shrine. This was my first experience.
Shift the dipper from one hand to the other, first rinse your left, then your right hand.  Rinse your mouth with water poured into the palm of your left hand.  Hold the dipper upright with both hands to rinse the handle with the remaining water.

Ema, votive tablets for special personal prayers and gratitude toward the deities enshrined in Hakone Shrine. Writing on the board for good luck & wishes.

And my main purpose to go hakone shrine was to see & touch the very famous pregnant tree. If you read CHEESIE'S blog-
You will know she got pregnant by touching that tree & followed by qiu qiu too!
Well, is not like i want to get pregnant now, but in time to come, maybe next year? No harm go see and try touching for some preggy's luck! ;)


Just in case, he touched too...~hehehe

If I will get a baby next year, we will sure come back to thank you.
Whether is true or not, I want to be blessed and wish for our future marriage and child to be safe and healthy.
See you again~


  1. where exactly is this pregnant tree ya? :)

  2. It's in Japan, a place called hakone, at the right side of the temple.