Sunday, February 28, 2016

Taiwan's food heaven

This is my Taiwan's food heaven. 
All the foods I have had there had been amazing! Even the simple cafe sells good food! ^^ And is much cheaper too.. Be sure to try all these when you get there. Esp beef noodles, mango snow ice and their bread/pastries.

 This was at Taipei 101 top floor where they sells pineapple cake with mango.

 And can you believe their 7 11 sells all these cooked food? It's like Japan and when you're hungry you can just drop in any of these convenience stores and catch a warm bite.

I think this was the first thing I ate when I reached Taipei airport. I was hungry!! Beef balls I think...

Pre packed rice or noodles..


Look at the types of sandwiches~

Must eat is oyster mee sua and fried chicken!

Savoring my first bowl of beef noodles!~ Its the best one I think from a cafe called Tea's.

Their breakfast are quite simple.

Most bread shops have so many kinds of breads you will be confused!

Din tai fung beef's noodles

Rice rolls from the street market at night, u need to walk around until u find a nice one.

At a food court eating hot plate

Their bbq chicken are delicious and must try!

Bake culture's cakes and breads

Their tempura is so crisp and good!

Orr Ah jian

Oyster soup never had this in SG!

Kfc At Beitou

I think I ate total 3 times beef noodles until I was quite sick of it.

Mango and another alcohol kind of ice cream, forgot the name..

Taiwanese styled food at the food court in Shin Kong Mitsukoshi. 

The must try tempura too

The one and only fatty salmon sushi hahaha

This ramen at Watami is made of vermicelli.

Hainanese Chicken rice. I think is good enough but the rice is the sticky one instead.

We got this at the food court at Taipei City Hall. Tim ho Wan famous dim sum without paying service charge.

This is the mee sua I ever had on a cold night at Xi men ting. It's called Ah Chung noodles.The best one and must try!

their so called mixed veg rice

Mango snow ice a no introducer

Din tai fung-Din Tai Fung (original branch)
No. 194, Xinyi Road Sec. 2,
Da-an District, Taipei City 10651, Taiwan

I am addicted to cakes and sweets~

I hope you will get to enjoy all these food like I did. Enjoy!^^


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