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La Fatte Taiwan 法蝶婚紗會館 Pre wedding photography

I am back from Taiwan. 
We book our flights since last year July and waited for this very day to arrive... We wanted to choose Japan actually but ended up with Taiwan because it's a Chinese speaking country and the lady said we can take better Sakura pictures without people crowding in he pictures. By the way, we were approached by one of the man at Bugis + mall and the first question he asked was :" 我的还有机会吗?" We said No at first and told we were deciding Japan but they gave us many reasons to defer. So we ended up taking this package as I also saw this company roadshows a few times before.

I did some research on their company and saw their many good beautiful pictures. Hopefully, we can select the right gowns and suits for that day. 
The day came and we went after the CNY as it's less colder and maybe there will be Sakura for us to take with.

We flew tiger air and it was about 5-6 hours ride. When we reached Omg it was windy, cold and raining too. The weather changes very often these days. We got a calling card and made a call to La Fatte to inform them we reached. I didn't know we had to change so many routes a few times just to get to Taichung. It was tedious. We were cold, hungry and tired!

If I knew earlier, I wouldn't have book my photoshoot day the next day but instead the following day. That day, the immigration queue was damn Long and we were stuck in it for two hours! 

And by the time we reached Taichung, it was evening time and everything was a rush as the photoshoot was the next day! And u can't change last minute as everything is advance arranged and once u delay everyone else behind will be delayed too.

So no matter what, I continued to select my gowns and chose the Colours I preferred. And we went to another men's shop nearby to select his suits. We topped up money for his and there were nicer designs that were not in the package. 

I can choose five different gowns. It was tiring to change so many times as the gowns were fluffy and huge! My first time trying on so many gowns in a nu bra. Two Taiwanese ladies helped me and they wasn't shy to see you naked and help you push up your bra to give you the push up effect. But I am fine as they are professionals.
The Nubra was a test on but I suggested to them for a new one on the day of the photoshoot. Come to think of it, it was more expensive maybe it's better quality? It cost $80 SG ($1850NT)dollars for one nu bra set.

Our photographer was Rex. He was another Singaporean blogger's (bunbunmakeuptips) photographer and we thought he would understand us. You can look at her blog for more details on the company.
His humour was funny when he was taking pictures of us. And he was kinda strict too. He was like :"hello? I am here." when I looked somewhere else... We were relaxed with him. 

The hotel in Taichung was recommended by the La Fatte team, and we liked that it was within walking distance from the bridal studio. No need to worry about transport. It's called airline inn. A special concept hotel that's quite cosy and big.

The reason why it all begun was Cherry blossomCherry blossomCherry blossomCherry blossomCherry blossomSAKURA!!! Cherry blossomCherry blossomCherry blossomCherry blossomCherry blossomWe finally got to take pictures with it. Not sure where this is as they drove us to a quite secluded area to take these pictures. The flowers are not all in full bloom as the weather this year keeps changing.🌧🌥Black sun with rays
It was my first time seeing Sakura aka cherry blossoms so it was so special for meWrapped present

The place we went was Ai Li Shi Ta. A place where they have all the places we want to take with.  They have wonderful backdrops and props for us esp. The request of the white horse! 🦄
This is the most memorable memory for me as I have never came close with one not saying sitting on it! 
I feel like a princess!Crown

The worries finally came to an end and if I were to do it all over again I will! And would plan it at a more relax slower pace than rushing everything. It's a once in a lifetime event and these photos will last forever.. 
Right now we are on our way back to Singapore and life begins back again... But we will remember this journey together forever.

One last thing if you were to ask me what I dislike is the final part where we had to TOP up extra money to upgrade to a bigger album for more pictures. Even the package of the initial 40 selected pics were not enough! We had over 250 pictures total and in the end, we negotiated to 68 final pictures. This package that we bought cost abt $3888 and if add the TOP up which is another $2k that would be almost $6000(SG)!!! So it's really a big hole in the pocket and we are talking only about pre wedding photoshoot. Face screaming in fear

I want to thank Amos for spending on me and fulfilling this dream of mine. Although we have our quarrels and arguments, I know you still love me. I need to be more patient with you sometimes and try to understand you more. 

Oh additional costs would be entrance fees depending where you go. We paid $2k (NT) Taiwanese money for a day shoot at Ai Li Shi Ta. And renting the horse. The makeup tools we just got one pack and both of us shared. The Travelling petrol cost and accompany of your makeup artist. That's about $500 extra in total.

I was thinking of going to a flower farm but each route only allow certain places so we cannot visit all the places we want. Well, thankfully the pictures we took turned out not bad and in fact some were amazing! I dint know it would be that nice and Amos look so handsome!

For me I would also prefer a cooler country to take my wedding pictures as I tend to sweat a lot. So wearing gowns in Singapore is such a tassel so luckily we chose overseas to take them.
If you are planning to go overseas be prepared to plan it early in advance maybe around a year. That would give you plenty of time to research, email to them and decide which places/gowns you would want to go and wear.

Our plane will be landing soon and I will see you all soon! Can't wait for the edited pictures to be out next month. 

With my old favourite Japanese idol, Kyoko Fukada photobook!

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