Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Family Graduation 2015

Family Graduation Pictures

I always admire those families which all their children graduated and they will take a family picture together wearing their graduation gowns. I never imagine this day to come and it was something we all look forward to. 

Although I took a longer time to graduate as I was working a few years before continuing my studies again, I still made it in the end. That was all along my dream and I persevered to complete it last year. I knew I have to have a closure to this road. 
When cherry came back few weeks ago, we had to take this picture as a tradition and it was her idea. So, at last our dream came true and we are on to the next stage.Cheers to those who never gave up on us and helped us. I believe God is unfolding his plans for us and is slowly rewarding us this year. I am so glad everything is coming back in place. And also to my dearest Amos, you are the love of my life, this year is such a great year because I met you! For being there for me thus far... I love you.

To God be the Glory!

To my daddy and papa: Thanks for driving me to school when I am late for classes. For correcting my work and essays and guiding me in school.
To my Mummy: Thanks for your love, cooking me all the delicious nutritious food.

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