Wednesday, August 5, 2015

The Engagement & Proposal

It's been a long journey for me in terms of relationships and finally after years of searching I have finally found the One that accepts me as who I am and loves me unconditionally.
I am so thankful for him as he takes my tantrums and habits which most guys couldn't. After praying for so long, I told God honestly what I needed and even scolded Him for not bringing me the right person. So not long after, I met him...

The story begins like that IF you didn't know yet.

We knew each other on Christian Connection a christian dating website on the first day of CNY this year. He was thew first one to hit on me and we begin exchanging messages. He being truthful, told me about his partial disability of deafness which I was surprised. But since I took a course in University which has a topic on Sign language and I was in the group that did that topic for presentation. So I didn't reject him and continued to talk to him.
And then we decided to meet few days later to watch a movie. Our first movie, Fifty Shades of Grey. A bit too much for the first but I was whatever, it's something that I was curious as the book was very popular and my class in University did discussed about it before.

My first impression of him was, "OMG, he is so thin and sloppy!" He just wore a brown T shirt and jeans. And because we had difficulty communicating, we sat down and talk through messaging on our phones. I was like ppl will think we are weird just sitting there not talking and concentrating on our phones. Well, but we did shared alot about each other and I was a little impressed of his serious look when telling me his stories. We ended the night by sitting outside of Plaza Sing. talking and when we wanted to leave, he raised his hand and wanted to hold mine! I was like!!! hmmm, ok didn't think much and just held his hand and stroll to the mrt.

After that we continued to date  each other and met often like few times a week after his work. And I was testing him, if he was one of those guys I know in the past... He was quite fast to reply me and was always there. 
Then comes my birthday, he made it really special for me and brought me to Universal Studios Marine Park as I haven't before. And that day was the first time I went to his church as he requested me to go. I was hesitant because we are not official a couple but I didn't want to spoil his mood so we went.

Fast forward, the bad news is actually I ever rejected him once before we really became a couple. That was the turning point. Because I felt he didn't have the same mindset of me as in continuing being better, being normal despite his hearing loss which he had since a baby. Maybe he had this for many years that he felt its impossible to be hearing again. And at that time, I couldn't understand his world of deafness. Then I told him honestly we cannot be together just be friends.
But after that days later we continued to meet as friends as he didn't want to stop contact, we continued to meet and continuing our searching for new people again!...~ But the same time, he still treat me the same and is as good to me, sends me home every time we meet.

Then not long later, I couldn't stand the idea of him searching and talking to other girls. The jealously sets in and finally I told him subtlety that can we back together and resume our plans that we planned before. And he was so happy and so was I. At least, We didn't miss this chance. Also considering many factors, I felt he was the one for me. I liked his look and he's quite handsome with a sharp nose which I love! LOL. And also he was financially stable, mature, a christian and was taller than me by few cm I think. Plus having the same culture and heritage is very crucial as we are both Singaporeans! Happy Birthday to our home this year too! But I changed a lot of his fashion sense, we went hunting for new shirts, new wallet and taught him skincare techniques plus styling hair tips!~

One thing I love about Amos is his ever cheerful spirit. He always make me laugh even when it doesn't seem funny, maybe is his bad pronunciation of words... Although I did see his angry side which is very seldom but I recently warned him about that...~

My parents were against me being with him because of his disability at first. But because of his persistence and appearance of coming to my home, my mum saw how good he was to me. Massaging my shoulders when I am in pain and my mum saw it, she said I bullying him. Slowly, they saw his cheerful personality and my mum would sit down with him and communicate through writing. She was so patient with him. And then she started cooking so much food for him, all her best dishes, u can name it. And he loves every thing and ate to the last bit! That's why he put on much weight which he wanted to as he was underweight before. So it's not my fault! 
And he looks better when he puts on more weight too. Then, my dad also accepted him after he saw him very often and he being such a boy.

Finally I told him in advance that we need to get somewhere I like him to propose during my favorite season, Christmas. Then he agreed.
But plans changed and my family had to move house, so I told him we have to change our plans and bring forward our engagement. Because I may be going to his house often to stay or to prevent any gossip, is better that we get engaged first. So I actually know the day he was going to propose to me.

Then the day came and he was so nervous about it which made me nervous too.
And he decided the place himself at Changi airport. He asked his two besties to help him too. My parents were there to witness the event as I wanted them to be there. Anyway, the most surprising thing I really didn't know at all and was a surprise to me. He actually drew out a story of us and how we got together until now. I was so touched as I didn't know he would do this! And yes, I said YES! So I am officially engaged now. 

We still have our arguments because that's a process of getting to understand each other better. But most important, we go to church together which I always wanted to do with my partner. And we can pray together and have the same goal in life. We compromise to each other flaws, I am learning sign language classes currently to enter to his world and he is speaking out more now. We help each other in the areas we need help and love each other. He is now like another son in my family and I, a daughter in his family.

Communication is not a problem if you are willing to go their level and understand the person. Is a two way, not a one way. And I learnt is not going down or up in level, is growing closer to each other that matters. And through our quarrels sometimes, We grow closer because we see each other deeper. And we have the commitment to make this work, 

Love, is not about winning. Is about saying, Sorry or Thank you. 

Thank you Amos for loving me unconditionally. For being there for me at my lowest moment, for changing my mindset of many things. For me becoming a new person, a better woman and future mother. I can't wait to hold many more memories with you in this life journey. With God, nothing is impossible. Have faith and courage and your breakthrough will one day come!

Close up pics of the ring from A Japanese Jewelry shop, VENUS.

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