Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Tokyo Luxey Event

Tokyo Luxey Event

This is my first time joining a meet-up held by Tokyo Luxey.

Tokyo Luxey is a luxe community indulging women around the world with authentic, high-quality Japanese beauty, fashion and lifestyle products. Caren @juneunicorn was also a regular member and we both were lucky to attend the event together. Was nice meeting @ for the first time and she was very friendly. The event was held at @Antoinette near Lavender MRT and the place has a very French design.





 Oui, Ayano Ruban a cute Japanese shop which sells many cute items associated with Hello Kitty.











Very pink and girly Hello Kitty bags and dresses!




                                             The Group picture



A collaboration with hotel Keio Plaza in Tokyo and they have rooms designed in Hello Kitty too!












Lunch with Caren after that at Somerset Everything with Fries, I felt it was not that special.


That's All for now!

Until then.







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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

My Graduation!


I think I have not blogged in like one year or so... Just super busy and not really into blogging nowadays..

But I am inspired to blog about my most satisfied achievement of my life!
It was really a stressful last semester as one teacher gave me a really tough time. But with grace and patient, I managed to pass it and able to fulfil my requirements to graduate.

And it's another milestone of my life. To be able to graduate, it is now my highest level of academic studies. I am really proud of myself and how I managed to go through this period with all the stress and hurdles.

 JULY 2014

Greatest Gift of all:
My parents.

They sacrificed so much for me and gave so much to provide me.  No amount will ever repay what they did for me. I praise God!

My best friends! Aki & Caren. Thanks for coming so far gals. You are my 'soulmates'.

My closest classmate & Japanese pal: Mandy