Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Christmas dinner Caren, Kel & Charlotte

Christmas Brunch at Kel & Charlotte's new home at Punggol. They took abt a year to get this amazing new flat at the highest floor and beautiful view. Lucky guys, I hope it will be a warm and wonderful home for you both and we will come again for sure!~ It is more comfortable at home than to eat out and we will plan more such gatherings...;)

Super Nice lo, their walk-in wardrobe!! Next time, I have to have it too!

Sorry Kel (he wants to charge me of taking pics of their new home)

Kel & Charlotte busy in the kitchen~

Brunch prepared by Charlotte, a good wife! lol
Dessert to end it all~
To the next year again, we shall take turns..hehe~

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