Sunday, December 15, 2013

Birthday Surprise for my cell grp Leader!


We decided to give Kong Hou, our cell group leader a surprise bday party and secretly organised this party for him. We managed to trick him into coming to Kel's house and it was a success! Woah... very hard to trick him lo... But he was very happy and it was the best bday surprise he ever got!
Thank you for being there for all of us this year and always encouraging us each week! God's love never fails and break throughs are coming.. that's what he always say...
We all had a fun time BBQing away and hope next year will be a better year!; )
Glad he likes the watch-winder storage box we got him too.



We had early turkey treat from Peter~

Grp shot!
Nancy & me

Little Hanna's bday, she is dam cute la...


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