Tuesday, December 3, 2013

A day to the Singapore ZOO!

It's a long time since I went to the zoo, like since Primary school?! But one of my cell grp mates wanted the whole grp to go to the zoo together so we took a Saturday off to visit the zoo and the River Safari which I haven't been before. I get to see Jia Jia and Kai Kai, but Jia Jia was too shy to see us, she hid in her cool den. I guess the lady panda is scared of loud sounds and crowds.
Well, here are the many pictures of the animals and I had a great time bonding with the animals and my cell grp people! ~


                                              Kai Kai looks so pitiful here, is he bored or sad?


Kawaii ha ha




Can u see the mother carrying her young?

                           Poor polar bear keeps swimming ard and ard.. like performing for us~
                                                  No wonder he is so thin.. give it a companion.


                                                 Taken with this huge white polar bear!~

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