Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Final event of the year, Thanksgiving.

Thank you all of my cell group in this year 2013, helping me grow not only spiritually but emotionally & physically. I appreciate the friendships and time we spent together like a family. To more break-throughs in 2014 and more laugher!!

Daddy's Bday on Christmas Day

My dad's Bday on Christmas day as you ppl know, we did a simple dinner at Imperial Herbal restaurant at Riverview hotel. It is a place we often go when we were young and the dishes are cooked using Chinese herbs. The food tasted the same but the standard dropped a little.
We had a good meal and ended it up with the usual Christmas Chocolate Log cake from Sheraton. My dad's fav cake.

Looking excited to eat the cake!

Candle light service & Mandy's 21st Bday

Happy Bday Mandy,
my classmate of two years from the first day of school until now.. Still remember we attended Orientation together and it had been a gd long journey.
I thank you for all the help and company in school as we have the same Japanese interest! But she is more into anime as u can see from the pic, well this phrase will pass and we will look back and laugh!

                         Using candles, the church is slowly lighted up from the front to the back.

                                It is the first time I witness this candle light service and it is amazing.. All churches should have this event. Using just one candle could light up the whole place.. Amazing!!


Christmas dinner Caren, Kel & Charlotte

Christmas Brunch at Kel & Charlotte's new home at Punggol. They took abt a year to get this amazing new flat at the highest floor and beautiful view. Lucky guys, I hope it will be a warm and wonderful home for you both and we will come again for sure!~ It is more comfortable at home than to eat out and we will plan more such gatherings...;)

Super Nice lo, their walk-in wardrobe!! Next time, I have to have it too!

Sorry Kel (he wants to charge me of taking pics of their new home)

Kel & Charlotte busy in the kitchen~

Brunch prepared by Charlotte, a good wife! lol
Dessert to end it all~
To the next year again, we shall take turns..hehe~

Monday, December 30, 2013

LOVE Voyage

12 Diff. songs in one, thks @carenfoo for introducing me this song yesterday at KTV

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Birthday Surprise for my cell grp Leader!


We decided to give Kong Hou, our cell group leader a surprise bday party and secretly organised this party for him. We managed to trick him into coming to Kel's house and it was a success! Woah... very hard to trick him lo... But he was very happy and it was the best bday surprise he ever got!
Thank you for being there for all of us this year and always encouraging us each week! God's love never fails and break throughs are coming.. that's what he always say...
We all had a fun time BBQing away and hope next year will be a better year!; )
Glad he likes the watch-winder storage box we got him too.



We had early turkey treat from Peter~

Grp shot!
Nancy & me

Little Hanna's bday, she is dam cute la...


Tuesday, December 3, 2013

A day to the Singapore ZOO!

It's a long time since I went to the zoo, like since Primary school?! But one of my cell grp mates wanted the whole grp to go to the zoo together so we took a Saturday off to visit the zoo and the River Safari which I haven't been before. I get to see Jia Jia and Kai Kai, but Jia Jia was too shy to see us, she hid in her cool den. I guess the lady panda is scared of loud sounds and crowds.
Well, here are the many pictures of the animals and I had a great time bonding with the animals and my cell grp people! ~


                                              Kai Kai looks so pitiful here, is he bored or sad?


Kawaii ha ha




Can u see the mother carrying her young?

                           Poor polar bear keeps swimming ard and ard.. like performing for us~
                                                  No wonder he is so thin.. give it a companion.


                                                 Taken with this huge white polar bear!~