Monday, January 7, 2013


Happy new year 2013!! 



Finally is a new year again and this is going to be a new year 
resolution post.
2012 has been a hard and trying year for me, with a broken 
heart at the first half of the year at the same time of going
 to school, going back to church
and making a lot more new friends. I have safely say 
I am now renewed 
and not the same as 2012, gotten over the past and 
now ready to face 
the future with courage.
Thanking God for still loving me and not forgetting me
 as His precious child. 
I appreciate the pain, the hate, the past because
 it made me who I am today...
Not trying to be proud, but 
I am better than before. And I believe God had 
installed many beautiful 
and successful things for me. 
So I want to leave my past heartbreaks, insults,
 bad memories and
 all the negative things behind.
For this year 2013, I keep thinking its 2014 already...
too fast ne? 
Haha I hope to have a close personal 
relationship with Jesus and be constant in my studies and church.
 Of course, In terms of love, 
I am still choosing and looking out. 
Keeping my options open. But I have 
been praying for the right one and hope God will show 
me a rema soon! ;)
 I won't want to make the same mistake
 or choose the same kind of guy again. 
Someone who loves God, 
has the same vision and level as me is the first priority. 
And then of course the stability and
 lifestyle. And most of all, someone who my family and
 close friends can accept.
I will continue to do my weekly exercise regime to
maintain my nice figure! lol!
To eat more varitety of fruits and raw vegetables.
Last but not least, to sleep earlier at night
and don't be lazy!
May everyone have a fulfilling and peaceful year and 
most of all be HAPPY!!!;)

Just in time for Countdown at raffles place with one of the bro-in christ.

                                                   @Trinity Church Paya Lebar


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