Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Catch up with Caren, Kel & Charlotte

Our once a year Christmas catch up is a must. 
And this time is at Dean & Deluca at Orchard Central. It's a American style restaurant that serves reasonable good food. Kelvin brought his fiancee, Charlotte for the first time but we have heard a lot of her already..^^ All of us had a great time chatting and catching up. Christmas is the time to love and give.

Birthdays in cell grp

God bless all those who are born to this world who are a blessing! 
May God give them more blessings and happiness this new year!~

Baby Hannah, Antz and Leader Kong Hou Birthdays!!

Group shot! ;0

                             Wern cutting the cake and always buying the cake for the birthday ppl!

My cell grp leader curiously opening and reading his presents/card.~

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Rachel K Cosmetics event

Another event I went to^^
It was coincident again that I read Glow magazine and pondered on the event held at Rendezvous hotel last month. So I signed up for it and got so many freebies from that! Omg, Rachel is really generous I think because she is Miss Universe, she is still very friendly and nice. She was the main spokesperson and has maintained a glowing and fair complexion. What she says have to show in her image and it does. So we got to try the products and I must say they are smooth and very simple but effective! It is more focus on skincare and their famous CC cream and powder. Sold at Watsons @ a reasonable price! DO check it out!

Taken from Rachel K facebook page:

Could the extract from a rare Swiss apple make your skin look younger?

To find out, Swiss scientists cut pieces of the apple, which responded by forming a protective 'callous' made of plant stem cells on the surface.

These cells were grow
n in a liquid culture and put to the test. A solution containing one per cent apple stem cells seemed to boost cell production of human stem cells by a staggering 80per cent.

The human cells were irradiated with UV light, which killed 50 per cent of those grown in a normal liquid culture, but hardly any of those protected by the apple stem cells.

Dr Daniel Schmid, research director of Mibelle Biochemistry adds that the extract of Swiss apple stem cell offers a promise of real skin rejuvenation. - Dailymail UK

PhytoCellTec Malus Domestica or Swiss Apple stem cell extract can be found in Rachel K SEE THE DIFFERENCE Youth Spell Day Cream and Stem Cell Purifying Cleansing Gel.

Read this on the dailymail too. This type of stem cell looks promising! 

I look really like an Ugly duckling beside her~~haha

Party At Zouk!~

Hi there! Been a while since I went partying so decided to go check out one of my classmate's party at Zouk last month.  It was very cool and remind me of those young days.. LOL! Been abt a year since I went already, Getting old.. Aki accompanied me there and we were actually approached by guys for free drinks @ feel pretty again! haha... Anyway, nothing happened and we just went there for fun!

      Chocolate dessert, Aki's fav. flavor! With her, must order chocolate one!

My sister Cherry baked these cookies for us and it was sent all the way from the U.S to Singapore for us! So nice!