Friday, August 17, 2012

Blue lace agate stone

I believe it is fate to bring me to these crystals.
My first time getting to know this was April this year in my university SIM. They were having a flee at the basement and I was passing by them to go home. Then turning back, I was attracted by the crystals! I think its a pulling force? 
So that is my story of how it started and I bought two stones Blue lace agate stone and Amethyst bracelet first for $20 bucks. 
The blue lace agate is a powerful healer that can relieve pain and is used to reduce anger. It helps me to understand other people's prospective and to forgive past transgressions. Blue Lace Agate allows me to work through issues that may lead to rejection from others. Allowing me to realize that doing the right things might not be popular with everyone but is necessary.

Powers: Strength, courage, longevity, gardening, love, healing, protection

After reading this short passage, I bought this stone as I was healing from a recent broken relationship. I do not think it works 100 % as I believe in God but as a natural stone, it adds positively to my life. Since then, I put it on my bed every night and I can sleep well. It has been 8 months since and I am moving stronger and better. I think Time heals all wounds is true because it can makes me forget...

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