Sunday, August 26, 2012

Beef Pasta ~

Did this dish for cell group.  I created something interesting but still have my Japanese touch to it. ;) 
Ingredients: Minced beef
                         Green Capsicums
                      Japanese sauce

I believe what you give will reap it rewards. Just like God PROMISED. Cooking is one of my passion which I enjoy creating new and tasty recipes. So I hope those who ate my food will gain not only health but the love I put into! LOL
I think many people do not have the privilege to eat home cooked food so I take this time to do it if I have time.

Something I want to share from Silver Ang's blog!

Don't Stop Believing...

That you can achieve more...
That you can find your one true love...
That you will be with him/her for life...
That you deserve to be happy...
That you deserve more...
That you are / can be everything you have always wanted to be as a kid.

If you have lost faith along the way, start re-believing, and keep that faith strong. 

For it will happen. 

Because you're worth it. \^.^/

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