Sunday, July 8, 2012

All about Love
Dr. Robi

I attended his recent seminar and I learnt A lot! Love in relationships equals to all aspects.
Gotta share some tips with you all...;) All are in short form format~

 First part
  • Parenting = ethics morals
  • Gd things input into the home
    Same song reminds us of our young times
  • Respect elders makes young kids do things without being forced 
  • If you don't say or show love to your children, and they don't feel loved from their parents. They will seek detrimental love outside of the home!
Being a parent sometimes requires you to be a referee. Like in a foot ball game.
2 or more referees
Back up and support
Emotional control
Follow through  consistent
Pre- establish boundaries
Active involvement
Administer not lecture 
Objective players  
Rules before relationship results on rebellion and rebellion
Relationship before rules results in respect 

Family practice time like homework in school
Behavioral change & influencing
When children disobeys = Time out!
Responsible thinking chair
Pull yellow card out and let children do the teaching
Battle of the will
Praise green card
Why it was gd?
How it made us feel?
Praise sandwich learning 


God Remove obstacles
A relationship will end if u are not willing to repair
We always look out for the perfect guy or girl, but we have to focus on being the Right one ourselves.
Healing takes place over time
Forgiveness is a sacrifice out instead of right revenge
We die from the poison that is inside us AND IT is not the  snake
Does not need to go to the person to ask for forgiveness
Is a gift even if the person died u can ask for forgiveness
Abuse God won't  allow u to be abused
Remove the Rock first in the heart = first step
Not going to remember it
I am the navigator where I have come from does not determine where I am going
Master of restoration can Heal the broken pieces of my heart!! :)


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