Friday, April 6, 2012

Penang Trip March 2012

Hi hi, Long time no see...長い時間が表示されなく!!
God sure has this planned out for me. My sister came back all the way from the U.S to spend my Bday with me and we went Penang together! I had such a good bonding time with her, and she encouraged me alot. I learnt from her about many philosophies and life experiences which we couldnt really share if we were apart. I have learnt to forgive myself and forget the past. To be exact, I have moved on! I am very happy and relieved because I am stuck there, going nowhere actually. Thank God through my sister and some friends, I am able to go thru this darkest period of my life.:)

 We Stopped by Malacca, Jonkers street. Many street stores and hawker food.

                              Beautiful scenery on the way up to Penang.

                                       Met up with my cousin, Lisa and her mum.

                        Got to meet a very Godly guy too, Cherry's friend. Haha, he was very patient in bringing us around and sharing us his story.

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