Thursday, January 26, 2012

Chinese new year 2012

                                          Yu sheng ( a must for every chinese new year)

                                            On the way to KL Malaysia...
                               Driving one part of it, but the rest was just sleeping behind..zzz
                           Arrived at Malacca!

                                           First time trying Chicken Balls rice!! Yummy...


                                  At Pavillion very nice Decorations! with A big dragon

                                              Singapore Bear!^^

 Kachang satay supper

Wishing everyone a prosperous Chinese new year 2012! Gong Xi Fa Chai!!
Started first week of school, been busy settling stuffs, still in the process of doing it. But got to know many new young friends. And a girl who has Japanese interest same as me! So far, is going well... My heart is still recovering, I wish that someone all the best. I wish I could turn back time, but I can only move on... Life is funny, its only when you lose something that you treasure it. I want to focus on my life now and God please give me the strength.

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