Wednesday, December 28, 2011

End of 2011 Xmas part

In a few days, it will be another new year 2012. It was said to be the end of the year? Seems a little bit scary. But all is so unpredictable, we just have to live rightly and think positively.
In what I can say about 2011, there are good and bad. Infact, alittle dissapointing. I learnt that what I enjoy now, I will have to pay it back in the future. I did enjoyed my trip to the U.S but when I came back, all is back to square one... It took alot of turmoil to get back to where I am now. I say I learnt to trust God admist the problems, hoping for better solutions and better answers. And God did reveal to me many answers through the things people do or say. I am glad I can still learn from my mistakes. Life is like a journey where you go through a process before you reach a destination. I can safely say I have gone though what others may not and turn out to be better than some. Its like a carbon being polished to become a diamond. Whatever efforts or time I have put in, I know the other party would truely knows...I am sorry if I have hurt anyone before, sometimes, feelings are involve or sometimes I was immature.

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                                         Friday night Xmas service at City Harvest church
                                             The Play was amazing, like a one you pay for...
           I was touched again by God's presence after so long and it felt good. I feel better and refreshed. It keeps me going and more spiritual. What I learn from the service was from the real-life stories examples. That a demon-possesed, medically mentally unsound man was healed and then graduated from university was a miracle!
That the guy who won the british talent contest is an opera singer now worth 5 million dollars, was an unnoticed, ugly man that sings for God in church.
You never know what God will make you to become one day.

                                                        HAPPY BIRTHDAY DADDY! :)

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