Wednesday, December 7, 2011

End of 2011 part 1

Hi hi... Been a long time since I updated my blog...Busy with work and many things, life was tough.
A very thankful thing which is exciting for me is I am going back to school next year in January!! Hope you are happy for me, its been a while since I studied hope I am not rusty yet... 
Wish me luck and have to gan batte x3x3!!

Tried the new Vietnamese food at 313, was good comparing to restaurant standard.

                             Hang out at Clarke quey and they begin christmas carols...

                       I love Christmas time because I get to see beautiful lights at night and carols.

                                           Suzanna's Wedding

                                         First time to a Malay wedding, so I am still getting used to it...;)

                                     So happy for her, found her prince charming!

                             Got a chance to see the kitchen at the back and how they prepared the mix.

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