Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Popo Bday!

My dearest popo's Birthday!! Wishing her   longevity, good health, peace, love and happiness!

                                                  Her fav. pet, Espirit!
                          My cousins all having fun with the dog! Don't bully it,...; )
                                   Her fav. Durain ice-cream which I got her...

                                    2 Birthday cakes, actually there was 3!!
                                                                     Hehe, tried photoshoping this...
Cousins, grandchildren...(not all are here)
P.S So admire my popo for her kindness, her true spirit of love and giving and her sense of independence. I hope to be like her, still so strong at this age and our memories of her is so cherish able. 
The problem of life is to change worry into thinking and anxiety into creative action.

~ Harold B. Walker

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