Wednesday, August 10, 2011

CaraMabes Photoshoot

Work in Progress..
I helped Caren did the makeover for her models for her blogshop. It was just a day after I came back home from U.S. But I just take things as it goes naturally... What comes, just go with it. But I think I did a pretty decent job, although its my first time. Next time will be much better!
Btw, the both models are air stewardess so aren't they pretty? 

                                                                With the first model of the day
                         Two of them having so much fun! ^^
                                    Posing for the camera is not easy too...
                          I liked this dress alot!

P.s. It was an experience for me as I had never seen a blogshop live photoshoot before... And there is lotsa preparation to do and work to be done before nice pictures are taken. Btw, her blogshop is
Check it out! ; )
Caren I help you advertise too.....: O

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