Saturday, August 27, 2011


Zouk Mambo night

                                           Heard of Bebe Poshe? Yea, I went to Atrium to catch a look...
                                                   One of my fav.!
                                                  Coastal Scents 88 Eyeshadow patlette
                            Receieved a Kirakiradoll BB cream. Heard its made of spring water from Japan so I was curious to try it! Well, its a pinkish cream and quite moisturing.

So what have I been up to recently?
Well, to your curiosity I am going back to school again!! So busy admist admission applications and planning my work schedule...At the mean time, I will be working too. 
Another good news is I may be moving towards my new school when school starts as it's a distance away from my home. But I will often go home for my homecooked meals & etc...So it's been hectic and gonna be for a while...

A woman contradicts herself alot of times. When we say one thing, we meant the other. We love to fantasize, we see things often too simple and expect simple things. Just look at how gullible a girl could be when it comes to matters of the heart... To me, its a habit of hiding that soft side under the hard shell. But for now, I will stick to my plans and work hard. I cannot give up the fight like before and will look forward to more challenges ahead.: P Gam batte!!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Popo Bday!

My dearest popo's Birthday!! Wishing her   longevity, good health, peace, love and happiness!

                                                  Her fav. pet, Espirit!
                          My cousins all having fun with the dog! Don't bully it,...; )
                                   Her fav. Durain ice-cream which I got her...

                                    2 Birthday cakes, actually there was 3!!
                                                                     Hehe, tried photoshoping this...
Cousins, grandchildren...(not all are here)
P.S So admire my popo for her kindness, her true spirit of love and giving and her sense of independence. I hope to be like her, still so strong at this age and our memories of her is so cherish able. 
The problem of life is to change worry into thinking and anxiety into creative action.

~ Harold B. Walker

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

CaraMabes Photoshoot

Work in Progress..
I helped Caren did the makeover for her models for her blogshop. It was just a day after I came back home from U.S. But I just take things as it goes naturally... What comes, just go with it. But I think I did a pretty decent job, although its my first time. Next time will be much better!
Btw, the both models are air stewardess so aren't they pretty? 

                                                                With the first model of the day
                         Two of them having so much fun! ^^
                                    Posing for the camera is not easy too...
                          I liked this dress alot!

P.s. It was an experience for me as I had never seen a blogshop live photoshoot before... And there is lotsa preparation to do and work to be done before nice pictures are taken. Btw, her blogshop is
Check it out! ; )
Caren I help you advertise too.....: O

Sunday, August 7, 2011

City of angels

Spend all your time waiting for that second chance用全部的时间等待第二次机会
For a break that would make it OK 因为逃避能使一切更好
There’s always some reasons to feel not good enough 总是有理由说感觉不够好
And it’s hard at the end of the day在一日将尽之时觉得难过
I need some distraction or a beautiful release我需要散散心,或是一个美丽的解脱
Memories seep from my veins回忆自我的血管渗出
Let me be empty and weightless让我体内空无一物,了无牵挂
And maybe I’ll find some peace tonight也许今晚我可以得到一些平静

In the arms of the angel在天使的怀里
Fly away from here飞离此地
From this dark, cold hotel room远离黑暗、阴冷的旅馆房间
And the endlessness that you fear和你无穷的惧怕
You are pulled from the wreckage of your silent reverie你在无声的幻梦残骸中被拉起
You are in the arms of the angel在天使的怀里
May you find some comfort here 愿你能得到安慰

So tired of the straight line厌倦了走直线
And everywhere you turn你转弯的每一个地方
There’re vultures and thieves at your back 总有兀鹰和小偷跟在身后
The storm keeps on twisting暴风雨仍肆虐不止
You keep on building the lies你仍在建构谎言
That you make up for all that you lack以弥补你所欠缺的
It don’t make no difference, escape one last time但那于事无补,再逃避一次
It’s easier to believe会使人更容易相信
In this sweet madness, oh this glorious sadness在这甜蜜的疯狂、光荣的忧伤里
That brings me to my knees使我颔首屈膝

In the arms of the angel在天使的怀里
Fly away from here飞离此地
From this dark, cold hotel room 远离黑暗、阴冷的旅馆房间
And the endlessness that you fear和你无穷的惧怕
You are pulled from the wreckage of your silent reverie你在无声的幻梦残骸中被拉起
You are in the arms of the angel 在天使的怀里
May you find some comfort here愿你能得到安慰
You are in the arms of the angel在天使的怀里
May you find some comfort here愿你能得到安慰

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

JAPAN 2011

Finally, I am going home. On the way I will stop by Japan for a few hours and explore my dreamland.
Goodbye U.S!

Outside the airport, They have smoking rooms for smokers. Real cool!

                                                 Narita Airport

                               Even after a long flight from U.S, I tried my best to stay alert because I am in Japan!                        OMG!>..

                      Bought tickets to go Haneda Airport and the tickets was expensive! Like 3000 Yen per Person? Japan, an expensive place to live in...

                                                   And the weather there was soo hot!, Can't believe but yes, hotter than spore during that time! Its really summer...

                                On the way, its really quite a long drive from the airport to the city....
                                                       Nice Ferris wheel!
                                          Finally reached Haneda airport and there were so many dessert shops... My eyes!~

                                                  The very famous Bakuuchen

                                            I was running ard taking pictures!!hehe

                                                              Ok, we checked in and we still had 3-4 hrs so we headed to SHIBUYA!!
I tell you, the train map was like so complicated... I had to ask like so many ppl the way to go. If you complain abt it in S'pore, wait until you come Japan! The train was quite crowded and the difference was their seats were comfortable rite?

Yes! We reached our station.. Forgot the station name but yea, we reached!

     From what I can remember, the streets were filled with small restaurants... I wanted to go 101 shopping we were searching and wondering....^^

                We passed a so called game centre, just like what I saw on the Japanese dramas before...
And a stand with Japanese girls those guys, yes I know you want it...
                                   101 BUILDING!! I haven't been here before, so I was excited!!^^

                                                       The streets were filled with people

                        Ok, some view of the shops inside.. the clothes were pretty expensive so I didnt bought any, not enough time and I didnt know which were the good deals..

To your fantasy, I got to see many Blonde Chio Japanese girls around there..!haha...envy them**

                                      And as usual, my interest makeup! Ok, they had so many different brands there it made me crazy!! 

I finally been to 101! YES!! ;)

                                     SOoo Thirsty so we got a drink frm this vending machine.
                                           My younger sister was dehydrated...haha Always waiting for me looking ard...

                                Some fruits stores ...

                               Ok, Cherry you need to see this! Look at how they packet the cherries! I have never seen anything like this,,,

                                          A vending machine for Cigarettes, we should invent some here too.

                                           If you go Japan, How can you forget Sushi rite?
                                         We passed a standing sushi bar and headed straight to try some...
                                               Salmon sushi

                                                       All fresh ingredients..The tamago was the best I had tried btw, it has this sweetness in it...ooooohhhhh

                                                   And another drugstores, similar to Watsons here but they had so many brands of skincare, makeup... and again I spent alot of time there... I couldnt look finish too!...
                                                     Finally ok, Have you seen this? A vending machine to buy food... Just put in money and you get your food.

                                         We hurried back to Haneda airport just in time to catch the plane home!

                               Bought a set of cakes.
                                     GOODBYE JAPAN, I WILL BE BACK!!! LUVSSS ;)
                                                     Plane Food but It was nice because it was really quite authentic...

         Changi Airport and the feeling sets in....WE ARE HOME!
                                                 Oh, I purchased this liquid eyeliner there too!
                                              I have come to the end of my entire trip, thanks for looking and hope you can experience them too! Good luck!