Monday, July 11, 2011

Friends meet ups

Nice to meet up with old friends and see how they are doing...
Met up with Ninien, my Taiwanese friend, can't believe she got two so adorable boys now! And she is really a busy housewife, running here and there...No wonder she is so slim now! I baked cookies for her and had a great time talking abt many things...but the topic was more on motherhood...
Missed some local delights at home but got to eat them with friends at this chinese restaurant called Phoenix. The chicken rice was one of the best here and they use sticky rice instead of the normal fragrant rice.
After that we got to eat Taiwan shaved ice dessert and to your surprise I never had this before! It was shaved milk ice with fruits on top. We shld have this in spore too! Maybe they have but I dont know...
Anyways, Thks for catching up and hope to see u guys soon!


                              Her first son, Zachary

                                                     Her second son, Dylan

                                                        Korean Cake shop

                                                    I love their cream puffs~!

                                        With Jayce and Laisum
                                                   They were trying to win an Ipad2!

                                            Group Picture, thks for coming!

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