Friday, July 29, 2011

Fujifilm 4

Last Part of my time in U.S was spent with one of my closest friend Nini. She used to be my companion in LSU when my sister was already in LLU. She is still as generous and kind as before and treated us to lunch. I went to visit her house and it was huge! How I wish I had one here in spore... But I think there is so much cheaper. Well, I see how her kids play and ate. They were so active! Finally we went to eat Johnny Rockers, a fast food chain and kept the boys busy with their drawings and crayons. Good luck to her and her boys!

                                                Dylan couldnt stop eating!!
                                                     Their 'luggage' Wedding photo Album

                                                               Sweet- loving!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Fujifilm 3

My first time to this mountian resort Zermatt resort and spa. It was such a exhilarating experience for me.
The air was so fresh that there is zero pollution. You could feel the energy you have and the peace inside yourself. It was a time to relax and rejuvenate. We attended the Mona vie 2011 conference at Salt lake city. My second time there. We were motivated and inspired by the many talents and had a great time socializing. Before heading to Yellowstone and Las Vegas once again. Bon Voyage!

                                             Monavie Gift basket

                      Their Grocery store

                                   One of the nice places of Thai Food at Salt Lake city.

                                                       Convention Hall

                                                         MonaVie 2011

                             Bubblecolored Ice-creams

                                 The Famous Sugar Factory

                                       So much sweets and sugar! High Glucose!