Wednesday, June 29, 2011

San Fransico & Muir Woods

One of the tallest trees in the world!
Very cool and its good to preserve it.
Look how tall and big a tree is!

                                                    Someone secretly took this pic~
                                                               Market place, fresh fruits & vegs...

                                                                      Fresh Fish

                                                                Hand picked cherries!

                                                              Very big and sweet blueberries

                                                      Have you seen a purple Califlower?

                                                                    Pink Plum



                                                             I am Hungry!

                                                             Fisherman's Wharf

                                                                Hot Chocolate

                                                                  Sea bass

                                                              L.A Japan town

                                                               At Santa Monica

                                                        I am a minne mouse!
                                        My nick, Dd duck~

                                                Father's Day dinner at Stinking Rose restaurant

Dad with Garlic pillow on his head!

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