Monday, June 20, 2011

June Holidays

After a long time decising, I decided to fly to the states togther with my family. It is our holiday after many years... My sister couldnt wait to see us! I couldnt wait to see her too... Even though there were many ups and downs, I still appreciate all we went thru... I miss those times I ate with her and talked to her. After like 20+ hrs of gruesome flying, I finally reached L.A~
Snow City


Mona Vie cupcakes

Mona Vie Head Office

                                       We travel down the dirt road to salt lake and the view was fanastic! We saw a rainbow and wild cows wandering ard... This scenario taught me that we must look on the positive and life is beautiful. Watever happened in the past was not a problem and it what we must do to improve the future.

So refreshing!!

Can u see the rainbow?

                                              Chinese food at Yellowstone East

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